This document constitutes rules for the provision of services by electronic means in the light of the Act on the provision of services via electronic means of 18 July 2002.

  1. Password – a sequences of alphanumeric characters and/or special characters selected by the Service Recipient during Registration process, necessary for the purpose of authorisation of the Service Recipient while logging into the Website Account.
  2. Account – a place on the Website available to a specific Service Recipient after Registration, enabling him or her to use the Services specified herein.
  3. Login – Service Recipient’s e-mail necessary to obtain access to the Account, provided by the Service Recipient during Registration.
  4. Rules – these Rules of the Website, which define the terms and conditions of rendering the Website services electronically by the Service Provider and the terms and conditions of using such services by Service Recipients.
  5. Registration – voluntary activity of the Service Recipient, involving creating an Account on the Website. Registration on the Website is free of charge.
  6. Website – websites in the domain
  7. Service –performance of a service without simultaneous physical presence of the parties (remote service) through transmission of data upon individual request of the Service Recipient, transmitted and received by means of devices intended for electronic processing, including digital compression and data storage, which is entirely broadcast, received or transmitted via telecommunications network, within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004: Telecommunications Law and subject to the terms and conditions defined in these Rules.
  8. Service Recipient – a natural person, a legal person or an organisational unit not having legal personality, who uses a service rendered electronically within the Website.
  9. Service Provider – Sharda Cropchem Limited having its registered office at the address: Prime Business Park Dashrathlal Joshi Road Vile Parle (West) Mumbai – 400056, India
  1. These Rules define the terms and conditions of providing Services by the Service Provider to the Service Recipient.
  2. The Rules are made available to Service Recipients free of charge via the Website, in a form enabling their downloading, saving and printing.
  3. The Website is available to any Service Recipient who has an Internet connection.
  4. Using the Services of holding and accessing the Account by the Service Recipient is possible only after Registration. Taking advantage of the Services of holding and accessing the Account and sending commercial information via electronic means requires having an e-mail account. In the event of the above named Services, by ticking the relevant box the Service Recipient declares that he/she has read the Rules, fully accepts provisions contained herein and that he/she shall abide by the Rules. The foregoing activities are voluntary, however, they are necessary for the purpose of taking advantage of the a.m. Services.
  5. In order to properly use the Website and the Services to their fullest extent, the Service Recipient should have equipment with Internet access and a browser handling “cookies” technology. The scope of using cookie files by the Service Provider is defined in the Cookies Policy.
  6. The use of the Website may depend on the installation of Java- or Java Script- type of software.

The Website offers the following services:

  1. access to the publicly available content of the Website (possibility to view, and read by the Service Recipient such materials as texts, photos, graphics, data, knowledge base, etc., posted on  the Website, as well as to download the files made available by the Service Provider),
  2. maintaining and accessing the Account,
  3. sending commercial information via electronic means.
  1. Conclusion of an agreement for the provision of services is effected:
    1. in respect of the Service of accessing publicly available content of the Website – by entering the Website,
    2. in respect of the Service of maintaining and accessing the Account – by Registration,
    3. in respect of the Service of sending commercial information – by filling in a relevant form, expressing consent to receiving commercial information via electronic means and clicking an acceptance button (e.g. „Submit”, “Order”).
  2. In order to use the Services, the Service Recipient may be required to provide his/her personal details. The principles of processing Service Recipient’s personal details by the Service Provider are specified in the Privacy Policy.
  3. The Service Recipient is required to provide only real data  and the data that are at his/her disposal and their submission or use at a later time on the Website in the ordinary course of activities does not infringe third party rights.
  4. Provision of the Service of access to the publicly available content of the Website does not require Registration. Such Service is provided throughout the period of access of the Service Recipient to the generally available content of the Website.
  5. Provision of the remaining Services requires Registration.
  6. Registration shall be made by the Service Recipient by filling in a registration form available on the website:, ticking the required fields and clicking the acceptance button (e.g. „Submit”, Create account”). After performing the above activities, the Service Recipient will receive an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the Service Recipient, containing confirmation of successful registration and an activation link to confirm that the e-mail address is correct.
  7. Only the Service Recipient  whose personal data were provided in the registration form during Registration is authorised to use the Service. The Service Recipient is not allowed to use accounts of other Service Recipients, nor is he/she permitted to make available his/her own account to other Service Recipients or other third parties.
  8. The Service Recipient shall keep his/her Login and Password secret.
  9. Logging into the account requires, on each time basis, entering a Login and a Password.
  10. As a Login there must be provided an active e-mail address the Service Recipient is authorised to use.
  11. A Password must contain at least six alphanumeric and/or special characters.
  12. The Service Recipient may change the Password from the Account level or via a functionality “Forgot password”, available on the site onto which he/she has logged in.
  13. The Service is provided for an unlimited period of time. The Service Recipient may request, at any time, that his/her account be removed. The request to remove the account may be notified by e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the Service Provider. Removal of the Account shall be tantamount to  termination of the agreement for the provision of service by electronic means.
  14. The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend, remove or restrict Account functionality (scope of rendered service), in particular:
    1. in cases required under generally applicable provisions of laws,
    2. if the Service Recipient uses the Account in violation of these Rules.
  15. The Service Provider shall notify the Service Recipient about its intention to suspend, remove or restrict the Account functionalities by sending the Service Recipient an e-mail message to the address submitted during Account Registration or at any other address notified later at the time when the data of the Service Recipient were updated.
  16. Where suspension or restriction of the Account functionalities results from using the Account in contravention of the provisions of these Rules, full functionality of the Account may be restored upon request of the Service Recipient and only subject to cessation of such infringing activities and removal of consequences of the same in a manner as requested by the Service Provider.
  17. For the purpose of ordering commercial information to be sent by electronic means, the Service Recipient shall fill in a relevant form, voluntarily express his/her consent to being sent commercial information by electronic means and click the acceptance button (e.g. „Submit”, “Order”).
  18. The Service Recipient may, at any time, opt out of receiving commercial information via electronic means. To this end the Service Recipient should send the Service Provider an e-mail message, which is tantamount to termination of the agreement for the provision of service by electronic means.
  1. The Service Provider shall use its best endeavour to ensure that the Website functions continuously.
  2. The Service Provider reserves the right to disruption of the operation of the Website in order to update data, rectify errors and carry out other maintenance work, as well as due to other reasons  beyond the control of the Service Provider.
  3. The Service Recipient shall not use the Services in contravention of provisions of law, good practices or these Rules, nor shall he/she provide any content of unlawful nature.
  4. The Service Provider stipulates that all and any information and materials available on the Website (including, but not limited to graphics, articles, photographs) are protected, in particular under the Act on Copyright and Related Rights of 4 February 1994. Copying, reproduction, dissemination and other forms of use of the materials and information contained on the Website, without a prior written consent of the Service Provider or which are beyond the limits permitted by law, are strictly forbidden
  5. If, for the purpose of rendering the Service, the Service Provider requires that the Service Recipient provide his/her e-mail address, the Service Recipient must provide his/her authentic e-mail, i.e. such at which he/she receives his/her correspondence. The Service Recipients shall immediately notify the Service Provider of any change of his/her e-mail address by sending a message to the address of the Service Provider. In the event of failure to notify the change of address to the Service Provider, any statements and information sent by the Service Provider to the Service Recipient to the e-mail address submitted by the Service Recipient on the Registration Form shall be deemed to have been properly delivered, however, without prejudice to the provisions of law relating to consumers.
  6. The Service Provider shall not be held liable for:
    1. any damage that may arise from the use of the Website by Service Recipients in a manner noncompliant with law or these Rules, in particular it shall not be held liable for disclosing the Password or Login to the Account and disclosing personal data by the Service Recipient,
    2. any damage caused as a result of cessation of Service provision or removal of the Service Recipient’s Account, providing it was caused due to reasons attributable to the Service Recipient or due to infringement of the provisions of law or these Rules.
    3. any damage caused by the Service Recipient’s use of data or information contained on the Website for economic, investment, business, etc. purposes.
  7. The total aggregate liability for damages of the Service Provider towards the Service Recipient on account of Service provision, irrespective of the legal grounds for the liability shall be limited solely to the damage  actually suffered by the Service Recipient.
  8. The Service Provider stipulates that any content included on the Website is only of informative nature. The content is prepared with every effort to ensure that it is factually correct and up-to-date, however, the Service Provider shall bear no liability for efficiency or possibility to apply data contained therein or for consequences of their application.
  1. Any complaints relating to the Service may be lodged by the Service Recipient via the Service Provider’s e-mail:
  2. A complaint should contain the following: full name of the Service Recipient, e-mail address, as well as a detailed description and the reason of the complaint.
  3. The Service Recipient may lodge a complaint within 14 days following the date of occurrence of the event being the subject of the complaint.
  4. Complaints shall be processed by the Service Provider within 14 days from the receipt thereof.
  5. The Service Provider’s decision shall be notified to the Service Recipient in an e-mail message, sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of submitting a complaint.
  1. Service Recipients being consumers, i.e. natural persons performing, with an entrepreneur,  a legal action which is not directly connected with their business or professional activity, shall have a right to withdraw from any agreement for the provision of services, entered into with the Service Provider, within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the same. A statement of withdrawal from the agreement should be made in writing. In order to observe the time limit, it is sufficient to post such a statement by registered letter to the Service Provider’s address before expiration of the said deadline. A statement of withdrawal from the agreement may be also submitted in an electronic form and sent to the Service Provider to the following e-mail address:
  2. A  sample presented below may be used for the purpose of submitting a withdrawal from an agreement for the provision of services:
    …………………, date ……………………………………..
    Consumer’s forename and surname
    residence address

    Statement of Withdrawal from the Agreement
    I, the undersigned, inform herewith that I wish to withdraw form the agreement entered into on …….
    Consumer’s legible signature
  3. The Service Provider may deprive the Service Recipient of his/her right to use the Website, or it may limit his/her access to the Website resources or Services offered thereunder in part or in full with immediate effect should the Service recipient be in breach of these Rules or applicable provisions of law.
  1. The Service Provider is authorised to unilaterally amend these Rules due to material technical, legal or organisational reasons, including, in particular:
    1. a situation in which amending the Rules is necessary in view of changing generally applicable provisions of law,
    2. in the event where the manner of Service provision has changed,
    3. in order to implement an obligation under generally applicable provisions of law or an obligation resulting from an enforceable court order or administrative decision.
  2. Service Recipients will be informed of the content of the changed Rules in a notice posted on the Website, containing amended Rules, with attention drawn to the changes and effective date.
  3. Provisions of English and international law shall be applicable to any matters not governed herein.

Sharda Cropchem Limited with its registered office at the address: Prime Business Park Dashrathlal Joshi Road Vile Parle (West) Mumbai – 400056, India.